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President’s Greeting


Hallelujah, in the name of the Lord!
Welcome everyone and thank you for visiting at ACTS webpage.

It is the ACTS that opened new chapter in the world mission movement. ACTS set off from the growth of Asian Church and World Mission, along with evangelical movement in Asia. The root of ACTS was a conference where Asia-Pacific Evangelical Association and Korean Evangelicals gathered to embody the movement in Singapore, 1968.

ACTS is an example that God blessed upon Korean churches. ACTS adheres to the foundational principle, ‘Evangelism Asia!’ up to this day. Also we possess the same vision as ACTS founders received from the beginning.

Based on ‘Evangelism and Theo-centrism’, the heritage we received, I will set my heart and mind on school and its success to make a loving, enduring, and unifying community along with ACTS Trustees, Faculty, Students, and Staffs.

May the Lord bless on our projects and processes to make. And also I pray for His grace and peace on you.

Dr. Young Ook Kim, President
Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission
Asia United Theological University