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International Mission Research Institute

Research Centers for Mission

ACTS Research Centers for Mission, based on the concept of industrial-educational cooperation which links seminaries and churches in Korea and abroad, is established in order to propose to the Korean church the appropriate policy, strategy, and direction for mission, and to research in collaboration with pastors and lay people so as to provide them with the necessary strategies for mission.

Function of the Research Centers for Mission

· To research regarding the strategies for evangelizing the select nations.

· To administer educational programs in cooperation with the churches associated with the select nations.

· To appoint research professors who will work with the churches for the evangelism of the select nations.

Africa Iran Pakistan
Arab Culture Israel Philippines
Aviation Japan Russia / Siberia
Bangladesh Latin America South America
China Malaysia Thailand
Christian Reformed Church Middle East Tibet
East-west Mongolia Vietnam
Europe Myanmar Wesleyan Theology
India Nepal
Indonesia North Korea