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The ACTS dormitory has been established along with the history of ACTS.

It reflects the very nature of ACTS, where the international community cohabits together for the global evangelization. The ACTS dormitory strives not only to provide aresting place but as well as to be a training centerwith the following emphases:

  • Growth and Development in Faith
  • Christian Character Development in a Community Living
  • Servanthood and Sharing
  • Missional Leadership
  • Vision Discovery in God

All the AIGS students are encouraged to live in the dormitory where the resident students get together for early morning prayer meetings, chapels, and Friday English worship services.

Fellowship many occasions, AIGS faculty and its students get often together for a lunch which serves as an effective communication channel. Every student is encouraged to share both his or her personal, communal, and global concerns so that the entire AIGS body can intercede for one another. Every semester AIGS promotes outings, dining, food festival, church visits, and spiritual retreats which help them draw themselves together closer to God. A resident chaplain is to nature and healthy and spiritually the international community on Campus.